The End of DOMA Will Be the Start of a Dream For This Binational Same-Sex Couple

This story submitted by Suseel (UK) and Aga (Poland/USA) demonstrates how the abolition of Section 3 of DOMA will tranfsorm the lives of binational married same-sex couples.

Dear Gay Marriage USA,

I would like to share my story with you! My name is Suseel, I am a British born Indian, a citizen of Great Britain. My beautiful partner is Aga, she has dual nationality of Polish and American. We both live in England. We met through a mutual friend almost two years ago and we fell in love almost instantly. She was planning to move back to the USA a month before we got in a relationship because her family all live there.

But once we were together, we’d become inseparable. The thought of her leaving England and leaving me behind was heartbreaking. So we decided for her to stay with me, regardless of her own heart ache of being without her family. This internal tug of war of guilt and selfishness was brewing inside me. She had to be without her family so she could be with me, alone in England. This became a true struggle for us. The only thing that gave us any solace was your facebook page!

We’ve spent many nights talking about how great it would be if DOMA and prop 8 would be eradicated. Aga would be reunited with her family finally, but this time have me beside her! We’ve been watching the progress of DOMA through your facebook page and kept us filled with hope and today finally! We’ve had our dreams come true!! We are due to be civilly partnered on Saturday 17th August, this year in England! And by next year we’ll be together, with my new family in America, reminiscing today.

Many thanks,


For info on how DOMA previously impacted on binational same-sex couples, please see this article: Binational Same-Sex Married Couples to Benefit From a Favorable DOMA Ruling
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2 Responses to The End of DOMA Will Be the Start of a Dream For This Binational Same-Sex Couple

  1. sophiecussen says:

    I’m really please DOMA has been eradicated. A great day for the USA.

  2. I am glad to see it end for loving couples like you, and my friends Inger and Philippa , and the many more out there that will now be able to be together.

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