One New Yorker’s Response to Saturday’s Anti-Gay Murder: A Free Hug Session!

Following a string of anti-gay assaults in NYC in recent weeks, and today’s shocking revelation of an anti-gay hate murder, one New Yorker has a novel suggestion for how to cope: free hugs!

Miss Stonewall 2013, Frostie Flakes, today announced on facebook the free hug session which will start at 2pm in Times Square, NYC, Sunday 5/19. After providing a powerful and moving presence at Thursday’s ‘Take Back the Night’ rally in NYC, Frostie Flokes today posted the following in response to Saturday’s murder:

So it has come down to this. After hearing about the death of a gay man in the village I became very depressed and unsure what to do next. Deep in thought about the root of the problem, a man very kindly opened and held a door for me. A rare thing in this city for sure. I was so uplifted by this small gesture that it put me back in the frame of mind that there is still hope.

I call a peaceful rally to be held in Times Square where you come dressed just how you are comfortable on a daily basis. There will be poster board for you to write “Free hug from a (gay man, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, etc.)” – cross that out and write HUMAN BEING!

There will also be flowers and flyers with an uplifting message and information about what has been happening in our community.



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32 Responses to One New Yorker’s Response to Saturday’s Anti-Gay Murder: A Free Hug Session!

  1. you mean 5/19 not the 18th sunday is the 19th 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wish I lived in NY…good luck 😀

  3. Eli Rivera says:

    Issue me a gun permit mayor bloomberg so I can defend myself from the ignorant trash that roams the street looking for prey.Stop encoraging gay people to turn the other cheek and encourage them to form an armed militia to patrol the Village.

    • Roverh says:

      If we all got concealed hand gun permits (wether we actually carry them or not) it would send a strong message. They just might think twice about gay bashing . They see us as weak and defenseless

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bless You! That’s a fantastic idea! I wish I still lived in the city! You are truly inspirational! This horrible crime should never have been committed. And I’m so glad people are taking a stand to put an end to the cold hatred of these vile beings that act out crimes against there own brothers and sisters just because they love differently. I Wish You The Best! Xoxoxo

  5. Jen Usellis says:

    LOVE this! Wish I lived in NY, too! Will definitely share for my NYC friends though! 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely wonderful idea. Well done!!

  7. Jesse nava says:

    Love & Respect to Frostie Flakes seems to be a very lovely person inside & out ❤ ❤ ❤ Prayers & a white lited

    candel for good energy go your way from PDX !!!

  8. Damian says:

    I don’t live in NYC but I give a hug, from here is TEXAS!

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    And another big hug from Kansas…you are awesome, special, wonderful, beautiful.
    Light and love, ~Jim

  11. Rachie B says:

    Sending hugs from Chicago!!! Totally wish I was there to show support!!! You totally rock and love what you are doin! Gay ppl are seriously some of the best ppl I have ever met or been around. I have gay friends and family and will support them and stand up to those who have hate in their hearts. Hugs & love!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am from upstate New York, but live her in Indianpolis, IN. Sending hugs from me & want you to know you are Loved & supported & sending prayers your way for protection….!!

  13. Michelle says:

    I’ve thought the same thing for a while now – that if there was more love in this world, there wouldn’t be room for hate. I’ve even said that if I ever came across someone from the WBC that I’d give them a hug. I don’t think they have enough love there, if at all. I wish I could be in NYC for this. Much love to you all! Xo

  14. Marga says:

    For those of you who believe the answer is to carry a concealed weapon, I’ve hugged a person with a concealed weapon before and love was not what I felt. Spreading love is a noble and valuable pursuit. If we do it while we are armed, I believe all that is noble and valuable will be lost.

    • Spreading love for 44 years has not stopped gay bashing. In fact 44 years after the Stonewall Uprising LGBT Americans still have no rights & we are still being killed. So leave love to people who have rights. This time like 44 years ago it’s time to let those gay bashers know NO WAY NO HOW WE WILL NOT STAND SILENTLY & PEACEABLY FOR THEIR VIOLENCE

      If Jews had stood up to Nazis, 6 million of us would not have been killed.

  15. 44 years after the Stonewall Revolution it is time for a Stonewall Revolution 2013 where LGBT NYers defend ourselves using EVERY MEANS NECESSARY & this time instead of swinging purses swing fists & locked and loaded

  16. John Kesterson says:

    You are BEAUTIFUL thanks for being Perfect…

  17. Jonathan Jayonce says:

    I am very proud of Frostie Flakes for taking a stand!

  18. Josie Matyja says:

    Giant hugs to Frostie and all my NYC LGBT people from Manchester, UK! Yes, we should arm ourselves with love and guns.

  19. You are beautiful inside and out. Remember god doesn’t create mistakes but masterpieces ❤

  20. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to the family.And I wish I was there to show my support…….live and let live

  21. Not that Wayne says:

    In Oklahoma City today is our PRIDE Parade, despite the threatening weather. I think, in the face of the haters, that those like Frostie Flakes and all the special souls who have the ability to encourage others to be brave, are the ones with true trans-formative power. RIGHT ON to our two spirits community. We are everywhere. It’s not over till we win. Equality Now!

  22. Kristy Aiken-Smith says:

    I’m not in the city, but hugs and good vibes from Binghamton, NY! Mwah! ❤

  23. Anonymous says:

    Proud to be there to support you and get my hug. Thank you for doing this (in the pouring rain). You made a positive difference today. xo (from Mary’s aunt)

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  26. Pauline Tait says:

    Hello I am British I was on holiday in New York what a courageous protest I walked past the first couple of guys and didn’t hug them I thought they were promoting a play be fair it was Broadway. Then I started chatting I was SHOCKED I am a Born Again Spirit Filled Christian we don’t agree on some things not on lifestyle or Gay/Traditional marriage BUT there is never a reason to hurt kill belittle embarrass humiliate a person because their beliefs differ from my own. I asked a dear young man how bad it was there I didn’t expect his answer I cried then we cried it was a beautiful moment. I am praying for you all to be safe and protected from such disgusting violence I was outraged so is God He loves you all deeply you are all very brave feel hugged

  27. Roedy Green says:

    No woman would go to work in a get up that ridiculous. However, if it does not interfere with doing your job, I support you in dressing as you please,

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