New Yorkers to March and Rally Monday Evening 5/20 in Response to Anti-Gay Murder

The LGBT Center of New York tonight announced there will be a rally in NYC on Monday evening in response to Saturday’s anti-gay murder and other recent anti-gay assaults. The event will commence at 5.30pm at 208 West 13th Street. Attendees will march towards the scene of Saturday’s murder at West 8th Street and 6th Ave. Council Speaker Christine Quinn and other elected officials will participate in the rally. Read the press release and see event details below from the NYC LGBT Center’s page on facebook:

MARCH AND RALLY IN RESPONSE TO LGBT HATE CRIMES Monday, May 20th at 5:30 p.m. beginning at the Center, 208 W 13th Street, and proceeding to West 8th Street and 6th Avenue.

Following a string of heinous bias attacks against gay men, including the murder of a 32 year old man on Friday night, community members, elected officials, LGBT community leaders and allies will march to the site of Friday’s shooting to demand an end to hate crimes against the LGBT community.

At the end of the march, we will rally to denounce hate violence, call for justice and to mourn the death of Marc Carson.

Please join the Center, the NYC Anti-Violence Project, Speaker Quinn, community leaders and elected officials to reclaim our city for all New Yorkers.



nyc rally

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11 Responses to New Yorkers to March and Rally Monday Evening 5/20 in Response to Anti-Gay Murder

  1. Not that Wayne says:

    Queers bashed by thugs inspired by politicians and pastors of hate

  2. lynne says:

    Unbeleivable…a man is gay…..other men don’t like that… their only course of action is to kill him ??? this is 2013 not the time of the Philistines !

    • Irene says:

      Yes, it is absolutely unbelievable!!! A life is worth nothing? Taken so easily? What is the logic, be “just like me” or you must die? Sickening. I fear for my granddaughter to grow up in such a hateful, ignorant, violent world where such senseless cold blooded murder can occur because someone is different from you. UGH!

  3. Christopher says:

    With Liberty and Justice for all, those words are a JOKE!!! 2013, and still these events happen. Many Republicans will never let us live in peace, no matter what the year. 67 years I have lived in this country and STILL I don’t have the rights or the protection of “straight’ America. And mighty tired of waiting for tomorrow, its always be patient, things will get better. But they DON’T. Not when gay men and women are discriminated against and sometimes murdered!!!

  4. Willam E. says:

    Clearly there are serious issues here, this sort of person can never be eradicated from our society, they’re always going to be lurking, lurking….this is a perfect example where STRICT gun control laws would HELP, not prevent, but HELP because he would have had a very hard time getting a gun in a society that monitored the matter in a SENSIBLE WAY. Having said that, the hate and evilness that is inside a creature of this sort cannot be rehabilitated. He was NOT ABUSED by his target or his target GROUP, he went LOOKING for someone to harass and murder. The same sort of thing still happens on a regular basis SOMEWHERE, last week it happened in RUSSIA (Georgia to be precise I think it was) and then gays were attacked with the support of the government when they protested this murder over there. Regardless, this sort of person just makes me want to go to his trial or see him pass by so I can throw every imaginable curse against him and wish for his painful and lingering death. I walk down this block all the time, and that poor dead soul could just as easily have been my husband.

    • lynne says:

      I admire your obvious self control. Just because the other side behaves badly doesn’t mean we have to. God bless those who have given their lives and on their behalf the least we can do is control ourselves !!!

  5. Make sure Quinn and her volunteers do not display ‘Quinn For Mayor’ signs or otherwise exploit tragedy for votes. Keep all electeds on short leash and short mike time. Gay and straight electeds know how to use tragic deaths to advance their careers.

    • lynne whittington says:

      5:30 NEWS TIME….SHORT MARCH NOT TIME FOR MORE THAN SOUND BITES. Victim’s family may or may not want ti downplayed………it’s wrong so sorry for the guy, not a decent way to pass.

      >________________________________ > From: GAY MARRIAGE USA >To: >Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2013 10:21 PM >Subject: [New comment] New Yorkers to March and Rally Monday Evening 5/20 in Response to Anti-Gay Murder > > > > >Michael Petrelis commented: “Make sure Quinn and her volunteers do not display ‘Quinn For Mayor’ signs or otherwise exploit tragedy for votes. Keep all electeds on short leash and short mike time. Gay and straight electeds know how to use tragic deaths to advance their careers.” >

  6. Keith Allen says:

    hi only one person can be the prophet-he must come from “The low of the low” who is the only one against family rule,against the law(blacks go to school on the Pell grant)who can not go to school at all by law-who was below the Holy sea-when i was 14 only I can be the low of the low.God selected the gay man-because they put themself into Gods job-I have Holy powers -you can measure the force coming out of my hands-I am the man on the “PLATFORM 1994 grand central station-i saved new york

  7. Keith Allen says:

    i did more then then save Grand Central station(i am on the film alone)>I donated P.E.G. Interferon too Charles Rice -in the Endocrine study Feb 14th 1989-I pulled the cures right out of heaven in the middle of Rockefeller hands should be tested to show the great powers I use to feel the spirits of plant animals and people-God selected me, to be against the sin of judgement-my gift can be tested by science-and get my name as SAINT 100,000,000 people are saved by my cures-where is JAN VILCEK??? who put his name on peg interferon -and steals the name of God -RIBaviron-the name was made by me-10 years before the cure came out-the prophet is gay and science can prove it-get me ionto a study and give me credit for the lifes i saved

  8. Keith Allen says:

    and thats me in the picture-thats me getting the Holy powers.the nervous system can be proved and AMERICA NEEDS TO KNOW why I have not been sainted-or put down as the inventor of the cure for hep c-i pushed medical care forward by 50 years-the children with yellow skin are about 47 today-they will remember the man that came -and told them “I HAD GIVEN THE CURE for hep C, to the doctors-and Peggy Rockefeller saw me a day or 2 after(she did not know -they where robbing a Saint(nor did I know-the miracle is what made me a saint-with the powers of God and everything-only the gay man can be prophet, he must rise from the lowest of men

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