Anti-Gay Hate in NYC: It’s Time to Rally!




Authored by Gay Marriage USA, May 11, 2013

Published on Huffington Post, May 13, 2013.

In the past week in Manhattan two anti-gay assaults have been reported, seriously drawing into question the validity of NYC’s “gay friendly” tag. Despite the fact that New York legalized same-sex marriage in 2011 and  that NYC has a very large LGBT population, this week’s events are a sad reminder that homophobia is still alive and thriving in this city.

Two Recent Attacks

On Sunday afternoon of May 5th a gay male couple in their 20s were walking arm-in-arm down 8th Ave between West 34th and 35th street when they were subjected to a brutal anti-gay assault. It has been alleged that within the vicinity of Madison Square Garden, and presumably in the presence of numerous bystanders, the two men were called “faggots,” knocked to the ground, and physically assaulted. Both men received treatment in hospital. Their attackers, described as a group of up to 8 men in their 20s, fled the scene and to date have not been apprehended – see their descriptions here.

The second incident also occurred in Manhattan around West 32nd and 33rd street.  In the early hours of Friday, May 10th, two gay men (reported to be a couple) were also subjected to an anti-gay assault. After being refused access to a billiards club, they were subsequently approached and attacked by a group of up to five men who allegedly hurled homophobic abuse and physically beat them. Both of the victims required hospital treatment. Only two of the five alleged attackers have thus far been arrested.

Fear & Progress

As a gay man living in NYC, I feel disturbed and unsettled by these recent assaults. I have frequently walked in the very same areas in which these men were attacked. This could very easily have happened to me, or to any other LGBT people walking the streets of Manhattan, or to anyone even perceived to be LGBT. While I don’t like to ever give in to fear, I must admit there are times when I will not hold my partner’s hand in public for fear of being verbally or physically assaulted.

The question is why do these types of attacks still take place? We know that even after decades of work on racial equality and gender equality, race-based and gender-based crimes sill occur. Similarly, progression in the area of gay rights will not completely eliminate homophobia. While it’s impossible to eradicate all forms of prejudice there is always the hope and expectation, however, that with societal progress these types of hate-based crimes will become less common.

Unfortunately, societal progress is often initially met with backlash from those not in agreement with change. In France a sharp rise in homophobic assaults has coincided with the progression of marriage equality legislation there. In recent weeks in the USA various LGBT-related events have hit the national headlines. This has included the “coming out” of Jason Collins, the first NBA player to publicly declare being gay, and the legalization of same-sex marriage in Rhode Island and Delaware. The flipside of progress is that it makes LGBT people more visible which can in turn spark the homophobia of those who are opposed to such progress.

Call to Action: Rally Time!

NYC has long been a home for LGBT folks from around the USA and the world who have sought safety and community here. With the legalization of gay marriage NYC is also now a tourist destination for many same-sex couples unable to marry elsewhere. We must set a standard and publicly address the homophobia that fueled these recent attacks in Manhattan.

Silence equals tolerance of the unacceptable. We must come together as a community to express a message of strength and defiance to those who would rather see us locked in closets forever. We should all – regardless of our sexual orientation – have the right to walk down the street without fear of being subjected to verbal abuse or physical assault. I call on LGBT leaders, organizations, and allies in NYC to come together as one to rally against hate and in support of diversity.


* If you experience or witness LGBT-related violence, please contact the NYC  Anti-Violence Project 24 hour bilingual hotline on 212 714 1141. All calls are free and treated in a confidential manner.

* Photo Credits: Couple One (via Facebook), Couple Two (screen shot via ABC Local Eyewitness News)

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136 Responses to Anti-Gay Hate in NYC: It’s Time to Rally!

  1. It is a shame that so many people have hate in their hearts because they don’t like who someone loves. It makes me sick to know that people are unable to walk down a street with the person they love without being attacked because they are gay. This needs to stop, people need to realize that just because they do not like themselves they do not need to attack two people that are in love. Thank you for your article.

    • GMUSA says:

      I agree! Thanks for reading.

      • Kim jong il says:


        How to become none gay if you are gay. Be swedish citizens go to a psyatrik klink say to them that you want a
        sexchange if they denied you take them to court! In sweden the psykiatric care needs to treat people who are ill
        and sexchange is one thing they brag abut. It only cost about 1500kr/year then the tax payers pays the rest.

        • Louis says:

          Hello my namne is Louis i´m from sweden i could only say this is tro i have to gone this kbt and it fantastic i´m free att last!

    • wayne says:

      GOD began the Human Race with Adam & Eve, NOT Adam and Steve. I love all humans but I do not have to accept their psychological deviation.

      • tock says:

        right… just how god created a fucking talking snake..

        • wayne says:

          Jealous are you ??

          • Anonymous says:

            you need a better hobby

            • Anonymous says:

              As a follower of God it is your duty to take care of your brothers and sisters and love them unconditionally. Jesus loved the sinners just as you should love the homosexuals( the sinners as so many have called them). Its understandable if you cant accept them but out of the goodness of your heart you should take joy in seeing your brothers and sisters happy.

          • Wero says:

            Fuck You Wayne!! Adam and Eve. You must be single you.

            • countryboy says:

              i will say this the bible says to love thy neighbor and thy enemy… i do believe he says judge unto others as u will be judged…..last i check u not god or jesus and you might want to realize what all sins they are…….if i had to bet on it you not perfect by no means….and also less get down to it if u want when they was onto cast the stone on the lady jesus told am who hath not sinned cast the first stone. they couldnt cast no stones so before u cast a stone on us check your door step and clean up your mess first… u i will pray for u…..

      • GMUSA says:

        And we do not have to accept your discriminatory viewpoint.

        • wayne says:

          Discriminatory only because that is what u call it. U discriminate, not I. U lower yourself to the level of the attackers.

          • GMUSA says:

            Rationalize your support of discrimination any way you like. Interestingly, I don’t believe you have condemned the violence outlined in this story – or did I miss that part? For you, rather than drawing attention to the appalling nature of these attacks, you want to rant on about how ‘correct’ your warped view of homosexuality is. So yes, people with views such as yours do indeed contribute to homophobia in society.

          • A Supporter For The Greater Good says:

            Maybe you should go learn how to spell before you form an opinion on a matter that is a no brainer: GAY PEOPLE ARE UNIQUE, AND AMAZING.

            • REAch says:

              Gay people has a lot of participation in this entire world , they r better than some of the real men out there who do nothing to make our world a better place to live.

      • Anonymous says:

        And we don’t need to accept your f**king stupidity but if your willing to let other people be themselves we will let you continue being a dumba$$

        • wayne says:

          And who made you GOD to “let” me have my opinion. I am ENTITLED to my opinion. U lower yourself equally.

          • Salim Ali says:

            Yes, you’re right. You have the right to your opinions, even when you’re blatantly wrong. Thankfully, the amount and popularity of people with such archaic mindsets are on the decline.

          • Not when your opinion is WRONG…look at all the pictures depicting Adam and Eve…why do they have belly buttons?!?!?!

            • Any photos of Adam and Eve aren’t proof of anything. None of them are from the time of the Bible and have all been painted in the two millennia since. They are not based on fact. They’re interpretations of what is written in a book, written 2000 years ago by men, who were completely fallible. The stories in the Bible were written with the mindset of men from that time period just as Dante’s Divine Comedy was written in the mindset of a man in the 14th Century and Voltaire’s Candide was written in the mindset of the Enlightenment. Society changes. It is absolutely ridiculous to live your life based on a book that was written for people 2 millennia ago. You also need to keep in mind the fact that many of the stories in the Bible were reproduced orally hundreds of times before being written down and that it is very likely that they were exaggerated or completely fabricated over the years.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Danielaaaaa says:

        Wayne, lets beat you up for being different! I’m sure you’re not perfect! God loves us all.. He doesn’t love HATE, therefore God doesn’t love YOU!

      • Hey gay bashing thug what are you doing reading GAY MARRIAGE USA? Shove your gay bashing shit down your tyrannical theocRAT throat & choke to death on your fucking JesusFreak koolaid & I will lead a gay pride parade on your fucking gay bashing grave

        • Tammie says:

          Perhaps you are unaware that being gay is not a “choice.” I also think you are way too invested in this conversation – trying desperately to defend your position, and methinks there may be a little gay in you…….

      • Anonymous says:

        Wayne STFU!!!!! God created all men, but humans create stupidity as you’ve shown in your comment

      • “Adam and Eve” is about gender/reproduction. We need male and female to make babies. So using that argument is like saying God made apples, so oranges are bad. Loving another person goes far beyond inserting penis in vagina.

      • Marc Caggiano says:

        It may be that God Probably created Adam & Eve….but guess what??? Adam & Eve created Adam & Steve, wondering why? Because believe it or not, Straight couples create GAY CHILDREN!
        Now you don’t have to accept anything that you think is a “psychological deviation” But that doesn’t give people the right to go around bashing and killing gay people!

      • “Psychological deviation”? Yet, the Old Testament is full of “deviations”, such as incest and having multiple spouses. You just said “God began the Human Race with Adam & Eve” and Christians are always spouting “Marriage is ONE man and ONE woman”…yet, several prominent figures in Biblical times had multiple wives and concubines. Yet, me, a gay man, my sexuality is a “deviation”? Using religious beliefs to hide your own hate is not only repugnant, but ignorant as well. Get a life, and learn how to be a TRUE Christian. I don’t give a damn if you’re gay/straight, fat/skinny, old/young, or black/white…NO ONE deserves to be beaten for who they are!

        • GMUSA says:

          Can we can hear an AMEN?! Well said.

          • Thank you! ❤
            I went to one of the most conservative Christian Southern Baptists universities in the state of Virginia…and I know the Bible front-to-back. And I am as gay as a room filled with rainbow sequined unicorns! I know bigotry when I see it, and these fake "Christians" disgust me. True Christians preach and spread love, tolerance, and acceptance…the things JESUS CHRIST taught! ❤ Amen.

            • Becky says:

              Thank you so much for differentiating between fake and true Christians. It’s a very important distinction that far too many people ignore.

              • You’re welcome, and thank you. Its just important to remember that with ALL religions, there will always be bigots and hypocrites to make the real ones look bad. Christians, TRUE CHRISTAINS, do NOT waste their time with hate and cruelty. They lead by being examples of Jesus Christ. They teach and preach about tolerance, love, and respect. I was raised in a Christian household, and even though I don’t identify as such, I still respect those who are, but I have no respect for those who preach Christ’s name to further perpetrate their own hateful agendas.

            • Robert Geedy says:

              rainbow sequined unicorns! I love it lol

      • You are ignorant and will be blessed with beautiful Trisomy 21 babies for your way of thinking!

      • Anonymous says:

        What makes you think it is a deviation.

      • Anonymous says:

        So how about them animals an their acts of homosexuality?

      • no one’s asking you to accept anything.. if you don’t like gays don’t have sex with them, problem solved..

      • DuffMcD says:

        My GOD (science) killed your god (lies to manipulate weak minded idiots through fear). Next?

      • Anonymous says:

        In your own twisted beliefs, God said to love everyone and God will be the one to judge

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not for you to accept or deny. You were not placed on Earth to judge, and I’m doubtful you have the background, education, or mentality to process the truths of human sexuality. Read a book OTHER than your Bible.

      • Anonymous says:

        Accept the fact that nobody is perfect and we are all prone to commit a sin, let us treat the gays and lesbians equally , treat them nice . God loves us all. why we cant love them too? Only God has the right to judge us but never he abandoned lesbians and gays.

      • REAch says:

        God made all human regardless of the name our parents baptized us. Even they r adam and eve or adam and steve ..god loves us all in an equal amount

      • Diane says:

        You know, you don’t have to “accept” anything. You don’t have to like it. You can go on and on about your bible and what it says. Grumble, preach, pound the pulpit and spout all the contradicting statements you want (if you “love all humans” but think gays have an unacceptable “psychological deviation”, then that’s not very loving, is it? We’re not sick, we’re not damaged.) But know this…change is coming, change is here. Change that should have come a long time ago. You might want to get out of the way.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Wayne, youre opinion is noted and ignored you, and others like you can no longer use the bible as a way of justifying your hatred and mistrust of people who only want to love and be loved. stop quoting the old testament and read more the new and realize god loves everyone.

    • wayne says:

      your statement is very superficial. What proof do u have that people just don’t understand homosexuals or lesbians. Perhaps people just don’t understand the underlying Psychological deviation causing the mental laziness to fight these this manner of living. For example.I have very senior degrees, am world traveled with 60 years of extensive experience. I love all humans no matter their psychological make up BUT I do not and will not support the laziness it takes to live this way of life. I also do not support the violence created by these group attacks. But the reasons are similar, homosexuals are mentally lazy as are the attackers who won’t work, study or open their minds to understand the reasons these people live a homosexual or lesbian relationship. That is my opinion..

      • GMUSA says:

        Yes, that is your ‘opinion’ and thankfully it’s one which fewer and fewer people hold these days because it’s so extreme. Your references to homosexuality as ‘psychological deviation’ and ‘mental laziness’ – is this terminology you made up or is that taken from some religious group? I believe the National Organization for Marriage would love you.

        • wayne says:

          When will you grow up and open your mind to see the truth about some/most of these National Organizations … they are only around to promote people to donate cash to them so they can exist. They too are massively superficial only to promote and push superficial ideas.

          • Dude, you obviously have NO PLACE on this forum! Go spout your hate and bigotry on some Conservative redneck site. If you have nothing positive to say, you are only causing trouble…Move on!

          • Emma says:

            Sir, I’m sorry, but I believe you should know that homosexuality is no longer considered a psychological problem of any kind, way, shape or form. You come from a time where that was considered true, but that time has passed. I respect your right to uphold your religious beliefs and will not say anything more on that matter. But what happened to these men is the equivalent of closed minded folks from a few decades ago beating upon a black man for the color of his skin, or harassing an interracial couple because it was ‘unnatural’ to folks at the time. But that has changed and you do not seem like someone who would condemn that change and probably viewed those that did condemn it with the same fur-bristling anger that you bear towards folks whom are pro-marriage equality. Yes, you have a right to dislike and to seek to deter the coming change in this nation – the same way people fought integration between blacks and whites. But please remember that change will happen, whether one likes that change or not.

      • what the fuck is this gay bashing thug doing trolling on Gay Marriage USA. What’s a matter Jesus Freak can’t get a chick to suck your fucked up dick. No one here gives a fuck what you have to say so crawl back under your fucking troll bridge and drown in your gay bashing shit

      • Jeff Dustin says:

        You are entitled to your opinions but when you try to force them on to others they are not opinions anymore, they are bullying tactics! When you try to back up your “opinions” with ideas that have been either proven wrong or are just out and out lies, well my “friend”, you just shown yourself to be a narrow-minded individual! So what if you have senior degrees (for which you never explain what degrees you have), that doesn’t make you smarter, just stuck up! To prove you just how wrong you are, I am a 42 year old straight christian male who has gay friends AND gay relatives! I don’t judge people until I get to know them as an individual and not as a group!

    • tjchase says:

      I am beginning to think that all these bigots respond to is equal treatment. They do it because they know the local police will whitewash it under the rug.

  2. Ben Saylor says:

    If more gays carry guns this might help stop attacks..or at least make the fight equal…its hard for one man to hand to hand combat with that many attackers..the only solution is to shoot the attackers in the head…My Name is Ben Saylor and I support shooting haters…..

    • cmtrudell says:

      Especially when a victim is heavily outnumbered, it’s just as likely a gun could be turned against the person using it for protection. A person getting jumped doesn’t usually get much advance warning.

    • Anonymous says:

      If only shooting the haters worked . It’s our job as parents and humans to raise our children to accept all. Only the fearful raise children who grow into scared hating adults. Loving accepting people raise more loving people

    • wayne says:

      excessive force, Ben. They have to hire a body guard with the ability to handle a group of attackers.

      • A Supporter For The Greater Good says:

        You freaking bigot. No gay human being should HAVE TO fight to be who they are.

    • Wero says:

      I have always wondered why gays and lesbians dont carry guns to protect themselves. Maybe if we start killing these homo hating creeps they will stfu and leave us alone.

      • Emma says:

        That would just give them a new angle to direct hate. They would then call us murderers and with that label the fight for equal rights would be even harder.

  3. The churches that are fanning the flames of homophobia need to be outed as Hate Churches, and their tax-exempt status needs to be stripped from them. And any church that is found to be the “spiritual home” of homophobic assailants, needs to be fined out of existence. Preachers may hesitate to spout hate from the pulpit after they get hit good and hard where it really hurts them: in the bank account.

    • Ellie says:

      Thank you for turning my anger, frustration, and problem-solving mumblings into an articulate posting. 🙂

    • wayne says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. Who on GOD’s little green apple made you a god ? Fine them for supporting GOD’s word ?? LET’S JAIL YOU FOR TALKING HATE AGAINST Churches. that preach anti gay sermons so their Parishioners get motivated to stay straight if they have compelling life problems. Remember, GOD started the human race with Adam & Eve, NOT Adam & Steve. I love all humans and I am not homophobic, but these Psychological deviates are mentally lazy and for one reason or another WANT to forget their real gender.

      • GMUSA says:

        It is views such as those held by Wayne that FUEL the hatred that gives rise to these types of anti-gay attacks.

      • Meg says:

        As an MTF Bisexual Trans person I feel you have made a mistake. Homosexuality and bisexuality has to do with sexual prefrence not gender. Transsexuals, transgendered, gender queer, WE are the ones that have an issue with the gender we were assigned based on genitalia

        • Meg says:

          In either case hate is hate and the ADAM and Eve defense gets a little old. Religions who say we came from trees don’t seem to mind the LGBT deviations from the western norms. BTW I’m a pagan as well.


      • Jen says:

        Am I the only one who thinks that good ol’ Wayne here has had to try mighty hard to “stay straight”? Here’s a clue Wayne, if you have to put forth a great deal of effort to “stay straight” you are gay! None of the straight people I know find it difficult to “stay straight” and none of the gay people that I know turned gay either.

      • A Supporter For The Greater Good says:

        The Bible also says to stone woman who do not wear a head covering. Do we do that in today’s society?

      • “I love all humans and I am not homophobic”

        Yes correct, the KKK isn’t racist either they just understand the correct racial hierarchy of society. Also, hitler was NOT anti-semetic, he just didn’t like how jews had taken control of the media and banking system. I’m glad we’re clearing up all of these misconceptions!

      • Jeff Dustin says:

        There you go again with the “Adam and Steve”thing! Can’t you come up with something ORIGINAL?

      • Anonymous says:


    • Not accepting it is one thing. Beating someone else to the point of hospitalization because you don’t accept it is another. No one has the right to physically assault another person, no matter what you “accept” or don’t accept.

      • Anonymous says:

        that’s right . I ,m straight and happy with that . some of my best friends are gay and some like females to females and I worked with one and it did not bother me once so every. people have a right to live the way they want too. so cant the haters leave every one alone.

      • We are born with the right to human rights & we do not require any heterosupremacist gay bashing thug to ACCEPT US. Just because str8s fuck each other does not give them the authority to deny us our birth right.

    • Seahn says:

      the citizens of this country should take a cue from the Scandinavians and burn the churches to the ground.

  4. Lee says:

    In do time all those that are haters will have to answer to a higher power, i would like to see the looks on their faces then. Wait til their children turn out to be gay, what then, are they gonna beat them up also? They are all losers who most likely in the closet themselves.

  5. Matthew says:

    I’ve set up a fund to help Nick and Kevin with their hospital bills. Feel free to help out.

  6. David Q Wallace says:

    Unfortunately, it’s worse than you state. There were THREE anti-gay assaults in NYC in the last week, not two:

    • GMUSA says:

      David – disturbing! I just watch the clip you posted and heard about the 3rd but they didn’t provide much info other than that it was in Greenwhich. I just tried to find some more news about that but couldn’t. I will update the story if I find something.

  7. Alicia says:

    Who is doing the organizing – I haven’t been in NY long enough to know the community well but someone needs to stand up and lead. We should march from location to location where the attacks happened and increase the visibility of the community. Strength in numbers!

  8. Ken says:

    This is tragic in and of itself but this was a group of individuals who bashed those four men not a whole city. To accuse a whole city of not being gay friendly is ridiculous. I do not live in NYC but live two hours outside of it and I can assure you this whole state is gay friendly including NYC. Every time someone does something that the LGBT community doesn’t approve of, it doesn’t mean they’re anti gay. The LGBT community is getting just as ridiculous as their Christian reich counterparts. Lets relax and just enjoy the progress we’ve made, not everyone is going to like gays, like not every gay person(inclusive of the whole community) isn’t going to like every non gay person or even fellow gay person. To each their own. Violence against anyone is appalling but the whole city is to be blamed or accused of being Anti Gay.

    • GMUSA says:

      Ken – you definitely make some valid points. I am not saying that NYC is an anti-gay city overall. What I am saying is that these types of incidents can certainly detract from the ‘gay friendly’ reputation that the city has. I think it’s a plus that you want to defend the ‘gay friendly’ status of NYC and of course we can’t blame all & sundry for the errors of a few. At the same time, however, the reality is that LGBT do encounter this type of violence on occasions in this city and for it to happen twice in one week in the heart of Manhattan is cause for concern and alarm. As someone who lives in another part of Manhattan that is NOT gay-friendly at all, it must be acknowledged the reality that homohpobia is still a real problem in certain parts of the city.

      • wayne says:

        It is NOT ALWAYS HOMOPHOBIA … people can love humans in general and just not accept the psychological deviation and mental laziness this form of living shows.

        • GMUSA says:

          Wayne, your mind has clearly been brainwashed with religious lies. Once it’s free of those, it will be able to think more rationally.

          • wayne says:

            Ha ha ha ha !!! what a feeble response. U need to research a lot to see into the depths of the subject. Get educated.

            • A Supporter For The Greater Good says:

              Can you please define “psychological deviation and mental laziness” for ALL OF US? Because I can ASSURE YOU that the gay people I know are anything BUT mentally lazy.

            • “U need to research a lot to see into the depths of the subject. Get educated.”

              Yes, I’m sure there’s a myriad of prominent psychological, medical, sociological, etc organizations that support your point of view right? Right? Pray tell which ones they are?

          • tank says:

            Mental laziness haha.. #1 if someone is a world traveler we then know other countries have become more widely accepting of it because the more research done of ancient time it has been around.. The logic behind the biblical stance was that every.person then was “heterosexual” there was no research then to find that people are infact born this way..
            #2 the stories of Sodom were of violent rapes and in some stories daughters were given up for sexual assaults instead of the house guest that were men…
            Code of leviticus is rules written by men.. Not god.. And if people are going to pick and choose which codes to follow its borderlining hypocritical to not follow all… No cloth made of two diff materials, no two seeds in the same garden, and ohhhh my masturbation was like an abortion back then bc they thought that it was the only thing needed to make a child.. Rape of women was okay. Women were inferior to men and belittled.. So now we have strong women in great leadership roles meaning we have come a long way since ancient times because we better understand the human mind.. the bible was written by man.. Jesus never ever made any.comment on the gay issue.. in fact i believe jesus referenced john as the one he loved….not to say jesus was gay at all… But be realistic people jesus was a prophet and he didnt hide in a church, he went and spoke to and helped the poor, oppressed, and marginalized.. Now i do believe homosexuals would fall directly into that.. Also, homosexual was a term uses in the 1970’s as a psychological diagnosis.. (don’t quote that exact year)..
            Don’t pick and choose or call someone mentally.weak or deviants when toh are in no position to judge or speak.. Read mathew where it says the people that use my words to revile against you are wrong… The word of god is love.. He is unconditional and loves all his children..
            Sir i would say you are mentally weak because you sought world travel and education to only seek more truth in what you were already taught… I sought an education of love, culture, and learning to befriend those who aren’t just like me.. I will glorify god as love.. And jesus as a prophet.. I will continue to love thy neighbor and not judge them… If i don’t agree with something somekne does don’t take part.. If you don’t like guns don’t buy one.. If you don’t like pot don’t smoke it.. Stay in your house with your weak mind and closed heart.. And i will proclaim love and help to others i need.. Ooooo and i will love my fiance of 4yrs and have a happy healthy life for as long as we are continued to be blessed..

        • Wayne, you have lost your mind. You have some real issues. Get help.

    • Meg says:

      I agree

    • Ken, you’re being just as reactionary and knee jerk as you’re claiming others. Settle down with the hysteria. NO ONE said “ALL of NYC is homophobic! the entire city”….we did, will and SHOULD highlight the startling and unnecessary heightened number of anti gay hate crimes not just in N.Y but throughout the country. And that’s a fact. One our community cannot and should not afford to overlook.
      Why you ask? well for every ONE gay person innocently beat, bashed, and fighting within an inch of their life strictly for being gay; it could have been ANY of us in that persons shoes. Gay bashers attempt to terrorize our community and shame and shun us back in the closet via scare tactics….like attacks.

      By showing our faces, speaking against this, highlighting why this is wrong….we’re not only opening the conversation about societal homophobia, but sending a firm and loud message to future would-be attackers that you’re not attacking one random gay dude, as that one random gay dude you deem as weak is one of many and he’s one of us all. Stop trying to guilt the gay community by attempting to paint homophobia as this make belief fabrication…go talk to gay people and some will have stories to share. Our goal as a community is a mental shift in society to help eliminate those tragic stories. We won’t apologize for that

    • I haven’t read anyone say any of the statements you claimed, Ken. All due respect, for someone who seems to pride themselves in being balanced, you’re making all kinds of blanket statements against LGBT and I don’t appreciate it, personally. I also don’t appreciate this awful incident almost being chalked up as a group of individuals who bashed these four men? Nah. It’s a group of militant homophobes who bashed four gay men for being gay. Confirmed by authorities. No one said all of New York is homophobic. No one said we haven’t made great progress. No one said any of those things. Yet it’s possible to celebrate triumphs while still acknowledging areas of improvement. Our LGBT should not have to fear walking our nation’s streets being physically assaulted for being LGBT. Us not speaking on that and making valiant effort to change that would be the real crime here. I promise you it’s possible to be both joyous over the achievements made while also being a collective voice for those among us who been kicked during this time.

  9. Matt says:

    PDA flash mob

  10. Native NYker says:

    This story is extremely troublesome. more so by the fact that there were people watching/walking by.

    • GMUSA says:

      Indeed it is. It’s worrying at various levels: worrying for a city that wishes to present itself as a progressive, gay-friendly city, and disturbing for those of us who are LGBT and know that that could have been us on the receiving end of those attacks. I am also find it troubling that no-one (as far as I am aware) involved in the first incident has been arrested.

      • wayne says:

        Oh now i see why u can’t understand or accept and u put down a dissenting opinion GMUSA, u are GAY!! It figures. Support your own kind, eh ?? Never mind a real discussion. Have a good week and keep alert !

    • wayne says:

      Absolutely, “Native”, there is NO REASON FOR VIOLENCE.

      • Darcy says:

        I gotta say, this Wayne person, who claims to be so experienced with his advanced degrees and world travel… He certainly isn’t showing himself to be too observant or creative. GMUSA is gay? Why, yes. Wayne would probably have gleaned that if he had actually read the entire article upon which he found it necessary to comment.
        And really, Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve? Citing that hilarious little gem multiple times? Wayne, if you’re going to be a bigoted, discriminating jackass who claims to love everyone even while sitting in judgement of them, at least come up with something that makes your ramblings more interesting. Adam and Steve? With references like that, one might make the assumption that you are just mentally lazy. And you know what they say about the mentally lazy…

  11. lizziewriter says:

    alas, i confess, whenever i read a story like this i feel a strong urge towards violence :-/. what a bunch of childish cowards.

  12. Not that Wayne says:

    OK – cheap bread & circuses in the land of underachievement

    Hoodwinked and swindled by tax dodging captains of industry,
    Land and water fracked beyond repair by capitalist wildcatters,
    Government incapacitated by conservative notions,
    Rejected seniors deprived of needed services,
    Neglected children bullied at school and molested by media,
    Homeless and hungry begging in the shadows of the not for profit mega churches,
    Babble quoting lobby-slators justifying persecuting minorities,
    Browns rejected at the borders,
    Yellows restricted to ghetto-ed quarters,
    Reds run off their inherited mineral-rich land,
    Blacks beaten down and their prospects rapped up,
    Queers bashed by thugs inspired by politicians and pastors of hate,
    Muslims next in line for the full wrath of the religious righteous,
    Over fed dust bowlers waddle through thriving palaces of bad math
    and invest in state lotteries while test scores are 30th in the world,
    Packing heat, armed and dangerous,
    too many mentally unfit to make deadly force decisions,

    ………Guess we can give up settling differences with a game of Scrabble.

    I know, blame the teachers….yes that’s it….throw the bums out !

  13. Faith Page says:

    I am so sad to see such violent and awful actions are still being taken towards homosexuals in 2013. I have chosen to dedicate my life to the LGBT rights movement, but as an out and proud lesbian it is sad that we still need people to dedicate their lives to fight for basic human rights. It is even WORSE to realize that physical attacks are still being made against the LGBT community. I believe that the leaders in this country who outwardly express homophobic, heterosexist, or transphobic behavior or language are the true issue. We must stand up and make it known that spreading discriminatory beliefs or voting for anti-LGBT policies is unacceptable. Our leaders need to be true role models.

    I have started my own protest and petition, because of NH senator Kelly Ayotte. She has been invited to receive an honorary degree from New England College at my graduation. Sen. Ayotte is an anti-gay rights politician and is an example of the problematic leaders we have. I hope you will watch my video and share it, just as I will make sure to share this great article. If you need assistance in anyway on this, please feel free to contact me!

  14. Meg says:

    Looking through this thread I would like to say a couple of things:
    1 I’m a bisexual trans woman and if classified by religion would be a pagan.
    2 Even with out #1 I find it painful that anyone regardless of religion, race, sex, or gender prefrence is discriminated against and bash be it verbaly or physically……..
    3. Those members of the LGBT crowd need to throttle back the hate some. I hate to agree with wayne (because he will take it and probably run with it the wrong way) but we are bringin ourselves down to their level. We need to continue to lead by example not turn into them because first comes the hate and then we’ll start trying to conform to their norms because (insert reason here one is as good as the other).
    4. We as a society be it LGBT or not should all hold ourselves to a hire understanding of piece and exceptance.

    • Gender preference, ey? Me choosing a radio station to listen to in a car is a preference. Me being inherently attracted to men is not me preferring men over women….it’s me inherently being romantically attracted to men. Secondly, you sorta lost me at agreeing with Wayne. He’s said some deplorable things above, filled with consistent insults, badgering, attacks and offense. Finally, I always take issue with people saying the gay community having the nerve to react to homophobia by folks like Wayne is us “stooping to their level”. I think that thinking actually comes from a place of homophobia, realized or not. A part of you see’s gays standing up and speaking up against disrespect directed at us as us being those uppity gays who can’t handle a difference of opinion. Wayne and his conservative ilk don’t have a difference of opinion. They have a different take on HUMANITY. They don’t just want to take away our rights and actively campaign against it, they want to tell us why we’re flawed the entire way there. Gay people have been lectured enough about how to properly behave and act. Please don’t join the chorus Meg. We’ve handled ourselves plenty well, and considering that a majority of gay people were raised being shunned by their pastors, peers and often parents….we’re a very well adjusted community. So while you sit on the side lines examining every minute detail of our community; kindly consider the fact that we’re not the ones spending millions to strip social conservatives of their rights. We’re not throwing our straight children on the streets to fend for themselves as children. And I have yet to see the link of a gay employer a straight person strictly for being straight. Is the gay community passionate about the injustices we have faced? You bet. But you’re commentary fails to overlook why that is.

      • yeah, I agree. I checked out after she wrote the agreeing with Wayne part. sorry but if you’re going to preach to the LGBT about behaving respectfully, might not at all want to agree with the most hateful poster on this page in any capacity. I’m also over us fighting for equality be compared to them fighting against our equality. It’s about as insulting as saying the African American community was getting too demanding and loud during their struggles. you said it best, when folks like Meg can start citing stories of LGBT physically attacking the property and life of straight conservatives, which happens to us on a near daily basis, then I’ll be more inclined to agree.

  15. Anonymous says:

    To Wayne I had five degree’s I work and I am happy .i am not lazy

  16. tank says:

    Wayne should read the book god believes in love straight talk about gay marriage…
    but i am guessing his strong mind and will won’t allow him because it might read something differently than he believes..

  17. Wayne is a tool, a hate-monger, and a downright idiot. To give him anymore attention is a disservice to the victims that this article is about. I say we ignore him, and let karma catch-up to his bigoted ass. One day, he will be walking down the street, and maybe a group of people will kick the hell out of his ignorant ass for being such a despicable human-being.

  18. Andrew Kent says:

    We are a nation of laws and not magical thinking and ancient folk tales. If religious fanatics want to thump their bibles claim that God hates gay people, then why did God mae so many of them? As for gay-bashing homophobes, the second best solution to the problem (the first being some consciousness raising) is for gay folks to get some martial arts training and, when attacked, beat the unsocialized neanderthals into a well deserved coma.

  19. Peter says:

    People, “Self defense”, learn how to use a gun, get a license, read about the laws that protect your freedom and don’t let anyone fuck around w you. One way or another the bullies, in closet homophobes and fanatics will have to understand they cant stomp on anyone just because they live their lives differently as they do. And who knows, we can turn this shit around and kick some ass.

    • We as a community need to stop being so quick to lecture victims of anti gay attacks for all the things they ‘should’ have done. It’s always fascinating to me people who demand gay people take on all their attackers don’t EVER highlight the fact that in nearly all these anti gay attacks, the gay person or people are outnumbered…..vastly. There was a recent attack of SIX men against one gay guy and the comments in response to that story was “Just fight back!”…….Uhhh, yeah, I’m sure he’d LIKE to and even ATTEMPTED to, but A.) Why are you overlooking the fact that people gang up on gays in these attacks in mobs B.) How do you know the physical stature of the people doing the attacking? Not every LGBT is built like Hulk Hogan in his prime, but some of the homophobic attackers are. C.) Please reread A again. Yes, in an ideal world, each LGBT can be Hercules and REALLY make an example of the violent homophobes….but guess what? that’s not reality nor should the burden be put on gay people on a ground bleeding because 6 thugs jumped them. The burden should be on society in these cases for not having an honest conversation about hate, in all it’s forms, notably homophobia in relation to this story.

    • And let me add, I totally understand the intent behind your message is well meaning and know you’re coming from a place of good and frustration. Just stating that solution isn’t always realistic.

  20. toni says:

    How can you all even be discussing the bible? Is that the same bible that supposedly demands submission from women, bans premarital sex, disallows od choices that most make daily? Get a clue and shut up unless you believe and follow EVERYTHING IN THE BIBLE…..OH WAIT. If you did that you would realize that all humans are made in gods image and no human has the right to pass judgement on another

  21. A galvanized and peaceful rally should be staged after a string of these homophobic attacks, especially given the climate of escalating societal homophobia as lesgislative homophobia is being combated very successfully in various states and countries. In 2010, one of the most horrific hate crimes (against gay youth) took place in the city, and then a string of copy cat crimes occurred. Whenever a demographic is targeted, that segment of population (be they Jewish, Latino, Women, or what have you) take to the streets and show strength in numbers…while uniting the community and sending a cohesive message to potential future attackers that you will not terrorize our community. That we’re stronger and more soulful than you think. Not to mention the media exposure behind a rally helps open the line of dialogue regarding this topic.Let’s use social media, and get out our LGBT and LGBT allies and designate a peaceful rally in that area. I see it being very effective..and frankly, necessary.

  22. Courtney says:

    These attacks are uncalled for, I dont see anything wrong with being gay. You dont pick your sexuality, you were born that way, different. and there is nothing wrong with being different because being different is unique. These couples did not deserve such hate. They did nothing wrong but carried on with their normal everyday lives just like the rest of us do.

  23. I’ve witnessed the power of a well organized and civil rally. my moms side of the family is Latin and if anyone remembers, a number of years ago there was a string of anti Hispanic hate crimes in the city. Well the Latino community wasn’t having it. They organized a number of extremely well organized rallies against those crimes, while really showcasing the message that we have strength in numbers. when done right, even for the time being, they make clear to people with prejudice that you’re against a big wall if you try these attacks, and it really does wonders for bringing the community together. Probably why so many communities have and still do rally against injustice. also poignant for LGBT as us rallying helps those scared LGBT youth know that they don’t have to be scared to come out, just because of these violent incidents. that they have a supportive community waiting for them, willing to come to bat for them, and to not be scared to be you. which is exactly what these instigators want to accomplish by attacking gays.

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  26. Kevin says:

    I’m sorry but the gay community in my opinion are mostly hypocrites.. We talk so much about bullying n gay bashing yet I see members of this community do it to their own kind!! There is so much racism n hatred amongst gay men it’s unbelievable. You have to be a certain size, race or build for someone in the gay community to even consider talking to you.. Unfortunately in the gay community if you do not look like a white Abercrombie model, they won’t even give you a second glance.. We as a community need to accept each other for our differences n realize that’s what makes it great.. Lets accept our differences and stop being so judgmental and so much of a bully within our own community..

  27. This is just a sad story…
    Hate to see people assaulted just because of who they are. Society is responsible for these travesties. Opinion leaders who have the stage to give their views on issues spread hate and intolerance for gay people. It is shameful and the only way it can be fixed is if the PEOPLE stand up for equality and justice.
    For more of my opinion on we our society is in many ways full of hate…

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